Municipalities & Islands

The Dinagat Islands Province are divided into 7 municipalities:

·         Basilisa

·         Cagdianao

·         Dinagat

·         Libjo

·         Loreto

·         San Jose

·         Tubajon





There are 25 outlying islands surrounding the mainland of Dinagat Islands which are under the jurisdiction of the province.


·         Bilabid Island

·         Cabilan Island

·         East Cabilan Island

·         Hagakhak Island

·         Hibusong Island

·         Kanhanusa Island

·         Kanhatid Island

·         Kanihaan Island

·         Kasundalo Island

·         Kisses Islets

·         La Isla Aga

·         Lalaking Bukid

·         Lingig Island

·         Little Hagakhak Island

·         Kotkot Island

·         Polo

·         Puyo Islet

·         Sayaw Island

·         Sibanac Island

·         Sibucaoan Island

·         Stingray Islet

·         Tabuk Island

·         Twin Islands


·         Unib Island

Dinagat Islands (Cebuano: Mga Pulo sa Dinagat; Surigaonon: Mga Puyo nan Dinagat; Kabalian: Mga Puyo san Dinagat; Waray: Mga Purô han Dinagat; Filipino: Mga Islang Dinagat), officially the Province of Dinagat Islands, is an island province in the Caraga region of the Philippines, located on the south side of Leyte Gulf. The island of Leyte is to its west, across Surigao Strait, and Mindanao is to its south. Its main island, Dinagat, is about 60 kilometres (37 mi) from north to south.

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